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Driftglobe Percentile Dice

Driftglobe Percentile Dice

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Do you need a giant percentile dice to display on your shelf or in your game room? 

Do you also want it to light up so that you can use it for dramatic effect??

This percentile dice is about 8 inches at it's longest. Laser cut wood panels with semi-transparent white acrylic windows are held together with 3d printed connections and decorative screws. The numbered panels are grouped separately and attach to the seam of the dice with strong magnets, and they are positioned in a way that the fit is right only in one orientation.  Each lamp comes with a LED light that runs on AAA batteries (batteries included!) with remote that lets you control the color and effects of the light. The light included is a LED light fitted with a 3d printed base to let is sit better on the inside.

Will this roll? Yes, it will, but rolling may damage the item or the surface rolled on!



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